Valdy Biernacki

Valdy Biernacki

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With 39 years of combined experience in Real Estate, Mortgage Brokerage and Construction, I have the skills and knowledge to assist clients with every aspect of the real estate or construction project.

I have been a full-time realtor for 20+ years. I began selling at Century 21 in 1995. My construction and design experience and my enthusiasm attracts a loyal client base. With this, I provide professional service and reliability.

In 2002 I opened my own realty office under Realty Executives New Image in Palos Hills, Illinois. I sincerely LOVE my job and put my full efforts into it! I strongly believe that you are not servicing all of your clients’ needs if you only attempt this profession on a part-time basis.

I am well-versed in all aspects of real estate, and have listed, sold and purchased hundreds of residential and commercial properties in 96 suburbs and 22 areas within the State of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Arizona, Florida.

Trust me - it doesn't make any difference where the real estate office is located, or how close it is to your home. What matters is the AGENT that you choose to work with you.

I strongly believe in the following 10 Commandments of Good Business:
1) The customer is the most important person in any business.
2) The customer is not dependent on us - we are dependent on him.
3) The customer is not an interruption of our work - he is the purpose of it.
4) The customer does us a favor when he calls - we are not doing him a favor by serving him.
5) The customer is a part of our business - not an outsider.
6) The customer is NOT a cold statistic - he is a human being with feelings and emotions like our own.
7) The customer is not someone with whom we argue or match wits.
8) The customer is a person who brings us his wants - it is our job to fulfill these wants.
9) The customer is deserving of the most courteous treatment we can give him.
10) The customer is the lifeblood of this and every other business.

I practice these and I have testimonials to support that!


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Valdy Biernacki

Valdy Biernacki

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